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April 30, 2014 -- Version 11 for ASP.NET 4.0

New Features
  • Added A Send Capping feature to limit how many emails a person can receive in a given period.  View More details on the Send Capping Feature.

      Send Capping is set under Preferences

      Auto-Responses can be included individually in send capping
      Specific subscribers such as internal test email addresses can be excluded from capping
      Send capping is applied on the Send Screen and also exists on the newsletter list builder screen and query demographics
      When an auto-response is not sent due to capping it is simply deferred to a future date
      Number of subscribers blocked due to send capping is shown on the send history
      A list of subscribers blocked can be exported from Tools/Export

  • Added option to create a consent agreement that is displayed on opt in form and update settings screen in order to comply with canadian spam laws

      Last Consent Date is stored in database whenever clicking consent option on subscribe, or when updating settings, or when
              confirming opt in via the confirmation link. Include your consent agreement in the opt in confirmation message
      Date Last Updated filter throughout the software (send, reports, etc) also now includes filtering by Last Consent Date
      Last Consent Date is displayed when editing a subscriber.
  • Added Opt Out List filter on Newsletter List Builder, Query Demographics and Send Screen for filtering against List Specific Opt Out List, or inclusion
  • Added Feature to Send to Top X % Random Subscribers. For example, Top 20% Random Subscribers.  This feature also applies to Newsletter List builder.
  • Modified pixel tracking code to defeat googles new Gmail image caching in order to accurately track opens, some browser caching may still occur
  • Updated RadEditor with latest version
  • Updated CuteEditor with latest version, CuteEditor will be depreciated in future versions
  • Added option when creating subscription form to use a randomly generated AlphaNumeric string for the password
  • Added option to Force deployments with estimated subscribers less than X to be automatically high priority so test messages go out quicker.
    Feature is set per user account
  • Added option to require ssl in the Admin Console, User Console, and Subscriber Members.aspx area
  • Added Admin setting to force specific sends through default delivery server when using attachments (Applies when using Multiple Delivery Servers)
  • Added Auto Response for Opting Out. Applies only when opting out of individual lists. If the subscriber is completely opted/out and deleted does not apply.
  • Added feature to automatically delete pending subscribers that did not opt in after X days. Default is 30 days
  • Sub user email notifications now take into account the NewsletterListID when opting in/out of a single list
  • Added feature to retain an archive of previous copies of a newsletter while editing both when saving a newsletter and auto saving from editor.
    A previous copy can be restored at any time.
  • Added option to execute email reports for "One Week After" the send is completed
  • Views/Clicks filter has been added to the Send Screen, Delivery Filtering Section, also added to save settings option
  • Views/Clicks filter expanded to include option for subscribers who did not click a specific link
  • When relaying messages if any errors occur the admin is notified by email. Feature can be turned off under setup
  • When messages in the queue are chosen for delivery they are now prioritized as first in/first out based on when they were submitted
  • Send to individual subscriber option now supports entering an unlimited number of recipients (one per line) so send to multiple recipients at once
  • When trying to access the opt out link, If the subscriber no longer exists, rather than displaying the login option we now display a message stating they are not a subscriber and indicating whether or not they are already on the opt out list
  • Increased the field length for attachments for both the Text version and mobile version
  • When clicking the View HTML/View TEXT, etc links on the newsletters screen you are now given the option to preview the newsletter with live data for a specific email
  • When importing subscribers you are now given a Preview option to see the data that will be imported to make sure fields were selected correctly
  • Added option on send screen to flag a campaign as test/hidden to automatically hide it from report screens. This acts the same as the "hide campaign" option on the send history screen
  • Added support for dynamic file attachments where the attachment can be an ##OptionalParameterX## which then references the attachment for each subscriber
  • Added Option to set maximum number of messages per connection when relaying through an SMTP Server. This will reset the connect after X messages. Default is 2000.
  • Content Page feature now allows specifying a separate title to be used for the page
  • Added Site User permission to disable the Gmail import option
  • Added Preferences setting to allow original recipient personalization parameters to be included when sharing a newsletter via networks or forward to a friend
  • Links on the Social Network Sharing report have been cleaned up to display friendlier links
  • Added Search function on Campaign Send History (CampaignID, campaign name, Newsletter List, Newsletter etc)
  • When viewing items in the Send Queue the following items are now included: From Email, From Name, Reply To Email, filtering Criteria, Send Capping Enabled
  • When Editing an item in the send queue, the following fields are now included: filtering criteria, send capping options, estimated subscribers, Google anatlyics code
  • Added Google Analytics code to the Executive Report
  • Added Option to auto-responders when using blockout dates to defer the message to the next date that is not blocked rather than ignoring it
  • Radeditor now lists all fonts in Font drop-down as opposed to the previous list of 10 or less
  • Admin Tool to Email All Users now includes a checkbox to also include Admin Users
  • Add Date Created and Date Updated to Custom Fields, Content Pages and Review Pages
  • Made 10-20% performance enhancement to speed which mail engine compiles email messages
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where using confirmed opt in with very large number of lists was truncating the lists after 250 characters
  • Fixed Bounce Engine whereby it did not recognize some bounces that had DKIM headers included
  • When choosing Relay under Setup the Path to the mail engine was incorrectly being hidden
  • Fixed bug where estimated subscribers was wrong when a recurring newsletter was submitted to the queue
  • Fixed issue with links that have anchor tags and were attaching the Google analytics tracking code
  • Updated Demographic filter for Send Date=Today Excluding year, or Send Date = Specific Date including year to exclude default date of 1/1/1900
  • Fixed Rad editor to prevent it from adding table background images

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