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How to configure Socket Labs Hurricane Server with eNewsletter Pro

eNewsletter Pro supports Socket Labs Hurricane Server for high speed delivery of messages.  Some of the benefits of Hurricane Server include being able to use multiple IP address, support for Domain Keys and DKIM, delivery rules including throttling by domain, etc.

Note: These instructions assume hurricane server is installed on the same machine as eNewsletter Pro.

To use Hurricane Server...

Launch the Hurricane MTA Web Management Console.  Under configuration, click Accounts then click NEW.  Complete the fields and note the "Base Path" field.  Click Apply to complete creating the account.

Back in eNewsletter Pro, click Setup from the overall administration console.  In the section Email Server information for Outgoing Messages, choose a Default Mail Delivery Program of "SocketLabs Hurricane Server".

In the field called Physical Server Path to Mail Delivery Program, paste in the Base Path field from the account you created in Hurricane Server.  Click update to update the setup.

Back in Hurricane Server, click Accounts and edit the account you created.  Choose the drop-down called Other Settings.  Check the box called "Pickup Directory" Enabled and apply the settings.

Choose the option at the top of the screen to restart the service.

Now, on the server find the physical folder for the "Base Path".  For example:

C:\Program Files\Hurricane MTA Server\accounts\1002

Off that folder find the "Pickup" folder and give the USERS account WRITE permissions on that folder.

Back in Hurricane Server, edit the Account and from the drop-down menu choose "Non Delivery Report (NDR) Options".

Check Enabled, check Path, and check Attach Original Message. 

Note: Do not enable the Bounce option under Bounce Handling Options.  If you do then the eNewsletter Pro soft bounces will not track.  

You are now ready to send a test.  If you find messages are not delivered, back in Hurricane Server under Dashboard click Overview.  Make sure the Sender Service is started.



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