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Send Capping Feature for limiting the number of messages sent during a given period to each subscriber

The send capping feature is new in version 11 and allows you to limit how many messages a subscriber receives during a given period.  For example, you could limit any subscriber from receiving more than 5 messages in a 14-day period.  This setting is per user account.

Begin by enabling the feature under Preferences/Other Options.  Set the cap and the period in days.

To determine if a cap has been reached, the software will only count newsletters that were sent to a list.  It did not count service messages such as Opt-In Messages, etc, with the exception of Auto-Responses.  Auto-Responses can be included individually.  To include an Auto-Response, just edit the Auto-Response and check the box called "Include this Auto Response in Send Capping Limits".

If an auto-response is set to honor capping limits, it will then be included when counting how many messages a subscriber has received.  If an auto-response is attempted for delivery, the message will be deferred until the subscriber is under the capping limits.  This is different than the behavior for newsletters as with Newsletters the message is not deferred if a cap has been met.  Rather the subscriber is ignore from that particular mailing.


How Do I ignore internal test subscriber addresses from being capped?

To exclude an individual subscriber from the capping limits, just edit the subscriber and check the box "Exclude This Address from Send Capping Limits".


How are send capping limits applied at send time?

To access the send capping feature at send time, you must enabled the Delivery Filtering Options by clicking the Enable link.  Then check the box "Enable Send Capping/Delivery Quota Filter".  The send capping limit is automatically pre-populated with the default values from Preferences but can be changed as needed.

To see how many subscribers are affected, you can click the Update Subscriber Count button on the send screen.  Please keep in mind this is only an estimate on the number of subscribers, especially if this newsletter is scheduled for future delivery.  The actual filter is applied at the time when the send takes place.


How can I see how many subscribers were blocked due to send capping?

The number of subscribers blocked from send capping is displayed on both the Executive Report and Campaign Send History.  A list of actual subscribers that were blocked/ignored can be found under Tools/Export Other Data.


How do Sub Users utilize this feature?

Sub users can be given full access to this option by choosing a send capping behavior of "Allow User To Choose This Option".  The feature can be completely disabled, forced as selected with changes allowed, or forced as selected with no changes allowed.




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