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How Do I setup Demographic/Profile Fields and Target Using this data?

eNewsletter Pro supports up to 25 demographic/profile fields.  Fields types supported are Text, Date, Integer and Real Numbers.  The amount of data that can be stored in any one field is 250 Characters.

How do I define demographic/profile fields?

Demographic fields are setup and defined under Preferences/Demographics.

If subscribers are allowed to edit their profile data, choose "Allow Edit Demographic Data".

To make a particular field hidden so subscribers cannot view or edit the field, check the Private box.

To require a value in a field, check the Required box.

Let values blank if any value is acceptable. For a multiple value drop-down menu, separate with a double comma ",,". To create a multi-select list box, use triple commas ",,,". To set a default value(s) within a drop-down or multi-select list box surround the defaults with square brackets. For example, [value1]. To create a value that cannot be selected, surround by {}. For example, {value1}.

How do I import data into these fields or manually enter data into these fields?

Once demographic fields have been defined, they will appear throughout the software on the import screen, edit subscribers screen, reports, and updates settings screen (subscriber area), etc.

How do I add these fields to an opt-in form?

Once defined, when creating an opt-in form you will now have an option to include specific demographic fields and to determine whether or not a value is required.

How can I target an Email Campaign using these demographic fields?

When sending a newsletter, click the link titled "Enable Delivery Filtering Options" in order to view the filtering options.

Then, choose Demographic Filtering and choose one or more fields to target then enter a value.

Then, scroll to the bottom and click Update Subscriber Count with Latest Selections to see how many subscribers meet your selected criteria.

How do I personalize an email using these demographic fields?

Demographic values are embedded in a newsletter using ##OptionalParameterX## where X is the number of the field as defined under Preferences/Demographics.  For example, ##OptionalParameter1## will insert their Job Title.

While working within the WYSIWYG editor, you can insert a demographic field from the Dynamic Variables menu option.


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