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Where can I view the license agreement?  Click here.
Do you offer a service where the software is hosted on your server? No, we only offer licensed software that you install on your server.  The benefits of this are you only pay a one-time fee for the software license.  We do have customers using our software to offer a newsletter service and if you email us we would be happy to provide a referral.

Do you offer a Unix, Linux or Solaris version of your products?  No, currently we develop solely for the Microsoft Windows server market.

Do you offer a downloadable demo of your software? No, however, we can setup a trial account for you on our servers.  Please email us requesting that we setup a demo account.
What are the minimum server requirements for eNewsletter Pro?  Please see the requirements by clicking here.
What versions of SQL Server are supported? We support SQL Server 2000 and higher including the Express Editions.

Do you accept checks as a form of payment? Yes, but the software cannot be emailed until the check has cleared.  Please contact us if you would like an invoice emailed or sent by mail.  Send checks to:

AdComplete.com, LLC

Celebration, Florida 34747

As an Application Service Provider or Web Host can I run a newsletter service? Our software supports multiple accounts/users and hence you can use this version to offer a service.  These are called "User" accounts within our license and the software is licensed based on the number of users and subscribers.
What is the cost of technical support? Support is offered at no charge.  Support is available by email or by phone between 9 AM-6 PM Monday-Thursday, 9 AM-5 PM on Fridays.  You can email us anytime.

Support is included for 1 Year from your purchase date.  After that time you must upgrade your license to continue obtaining support.

Which version includes automatic Bounced Email filtering? Only the Full Enterprise Edition includes this functionality.  The Shared Server edition does not.
Is my database of subscribers secure? Yes, the database is stored on your server and you maintain full control of the database.
Can eNewsletter Pro be used to send spam?  No.   The product is a confirmed, double opt-in system.  Users must signup and confirm their intent to opt-in before they are subscribed.  An import option is available for importing your existing customer lists that are already confirmed opt-in subscribers.  
What International Character Sets are supported?  Please click here for a list.
Can eNewsletter Pro automatically detect if a mail client supports HTML/Send multipart MIME email?  Yes, we support sending Multi-Part Mime message.  Please click here for details.
What is the largest list eNewsletter Pro Enterprise Edition can handle? The Enterprise Edition can handle large volumes of subscribers.  We offer many different pricing levels based on your specific needs ranging from 50,000 subscribers to 1 Million+ Subscribers. View Prices
How many messages per hour can eNewsletter Pro Enterprise Edition deliver? The speed varies based on many factors such as processing power, bandwidth, number of bad addresses, etc; however, the integrated delivery component is capable of delivering up to 50,000 messages per hour in an ideal environment.  The PRO version of SMTP Express can typically deliver 100K messages per hour.  Because eNewsletter Pro supports multiple delivery engines, multiple servers can be used to achieve higher delivery speeds.
Can I make changes to the application? The code is compiled and modifications are not possible unless you purchase a license for the un-compiled version.  Click here for more information.
Can you recommend a hosting company that can host the Enterprise Version?  There are many hosting companies that support our product.  A few that come to mind are:

http://www.appliedi.net/shared-hosting/ (VS1 or higher)



Atmosphere Solutions

If I purchase a minimum license can I upgrade to more subscribers or users? Yes, you can upgrade your license to a larger number of subscribers or users at any time for the difference in price.

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