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eNewsletter Pro Version 11 is written in ASP.NET and VB.NET.  The application is fully compiled when purchased for the standard fee. 

Two options are available for those who require the uncompiled code.  In both cases the code is supplied as a Visual Studio.NET 2010 project written in VB.NET. 

  • Uncompiled Code for Web Interface only

    This is useful for those who only need to make changes to the web-based interface.  This option provides the uncompiled source code for the web interface only and excludes the mail engine, bounce engine and service.  The cost of this option is US$2999.  This cost is in addition to the standard license for the number of users/subscribers that you require.
  • Uncompiled Code for Web Interface, Mail Engine, Bounce Engine, and Service

    This option includes the uncompiled code for the Web Interface, Mail Engine, Bounce Engine and service.  This option is available only when purchasing the maximum subscriber license of 100 users, 1M subscribers for US$10,000.  Please note that gradually upgrading your license to 1M subscribers does not automatically qualify you to receive the uncompiled code.  The $2999 fee would still apply.

eNewsletter Pro uses a 3rd-party mail component called EasyMail .Net Edition.  The project is supplied without a license key to that product and you must purchase your own developer license.  The first option only requires the SMTP Edition, the second option requires the full EasyMail.Net edition.  The cost for a single developer license of the SMTP Edition is $249 and can be purchased at QuickSoftCorp.com.  The full EasMail.net edition is $499 for a single developer license.

For Orders in the US and Canada, the software will be delivered to the credit card address via FEDEX with a signature required on delivery.  Please note the software will be delivered by FEDEX, not by email.  The software can only be shipped to the credit card billing address.

For International orders, we accept only a certified check or wire transfer.  We cannot accept credit cards for the un-compiled version.  Email us to obtain a pro-forma invoice and our wire transfer details.

Please email us or call if you are interested in either of these options.


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