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How does the Direct Send Feature Work?

The direct send feature allows you to send emails directly from the server without using an SMTP server.  When using this feature the steps taken by eNewsletter Pro are:

  1. Lookup the IP address of the recipient mail server using the DNS servers provided.  If none are provided the default DNS servers are taken from the Network Connections properties on the server.
  2. Directly communicate with the recipient server and deliver the message.
  3. If delivery fails, the message can be treated as a bounce, or delivery can be re-attempted by handing the message off to SMTP Express.

To use this feature, you must choose a delivery method of "Use Multiple Servers" in the admin setup area.

Next, define the servers under "Direct Send Delivery Servers"

Field definitions are as follows:

Description:  Enter a descriptive name for the server.  This will be used on the Send screen when allowing the user to select the Delivery Server.

Computer Name: This is the physical name of the server.  It must match the server name on which the eNewsletter Pro Mail Engine was installed, not the name of the server where the web interface is installed should they be different.

Default Server:  Choose this option to make this server the default server.  The default server handles all administrative messages and Soft bounce handling.

IP Address: If the server has multiple IP addresses, each virtual direct send delivery server can use a unique IP address.

FQDN used in HELO command: This is the fully qualified domain name used in the email headers.  This field is very important and you must have a valid reverse DNS record in your DNS settings that resolves the IP address back to this domain name.  For more information on setting up reverse DNS, please click here.

DNS servers:  Enter DNS servers that should be used to resolve each email addresses domain name.  If you leave this field blank the DNS servers from the server's Network Settings are utilized.

Timeout:  Enter a timeout in seconds.  If delivery to a specific mail server fails within the timeout period the message is bounced.

On Failure: Choose what happens to a message if delivery fails.  A message can immediately be treated as a hard bounce, or submitted to SMTP Express to continue attempting delivery.

Server Path:  If you choose the On Failure option to attempt delivery through SMTP express, you must specify the server path where eNewsletter Pro is installed.  For example: c:\program files (x86)\eNewsletterPro

Enable Logging: Choose this option to log details for each attempted message delivery.  This should only be done if you are having delivery issues.  These logs are placed on the server in the folder where eNewsletter Pro is installed.



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