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How does the Geo-Location Feature work in eNewsletter Pro Version 10 and Higher?

eNewsletter Pro version 10 and higher supports Geo-Location technology where IP addresses of subscribers are resolved to the known Geo-Location.  This is accomplished through a database of IP Address to location mappings.  eNewsletter Pro version 10 is installed with a version of geo-targeting data from MaxMind.  The database supports Country resolution only.  The data is 99.5% accurate.  Higher accuracy data sets can be purchased directly from MaxMind along with higher resolution data sets.  eNewsletter Pro supports the following 3 types of data from MaxMind:

  • MaxMind (MaxMind GeoIP Country Database, .CSV format)  99.8% Accurate.
  • MaxMind (MaxMind GeoIP Region Database, .CSV format)
    • 99.8% accurate on a country level and 90% accurate on a state level
  • Maxmind (MaxMind GeoIP MetroCode database, .CSV format)

The cost of the Country targeting data is US$50 the region database is $150 and the Metro Code database is $220.

How Do I enable the Feature?

The geo-location feature is automatically enabled in eNewsletter Pro Version 10 at the Country Level only.  To target by State/Province or Metro Area you must purchase the data directly from Maxmind and import following the steps below.  Also, the IP address data is constantly changing so you may also wish to purchase a subscription directly from Maxmind and update the data on a monthly basis.  At minimum you should update the data on an annual basis.

How often is a Subscribers IP Address Updated?

Each time a subscriber opens a newsletter or clicks a link in the newsletter (with link tracking enabled) their IP address is updated in the database and resolved to a geo-location.  Also when a new subscriber signs up their IP address is also updated and resolved.

The geo-location feature does not apply to existing data already in your eNewsletter Pro system.  So if you are upgrading from an older version, only future clicks, subscriber data will be resolved to a geo-location.

How Do I import MaxMind Geo-Location Data?

Data can be imported from the overall Administration console.  The option is found under Setup/Import Geo-Data.

Next, choose the type of data you are importing.

If importing the Metro-Code database, you must choose two separate files that were downloaded from Maxmind:

For the Country and Region database there will be a single file to import.  When importing the Country or Region database, be sure to select beginIPNum and endIPNum and NOT beginIP or endIP.  If importing the Country database, choose NO next to Region/State/Province.

How often should I update the Data and Re-Import?

The data changes on a monthly basis so it is recommended that you purchase a monthly subscription and update the data each month.  At minimum updating the data once per year is recommended.

How Do I send an email to subscribers based on geo-location?

Once you have sent your first campaign with eNewsletter Pro version 10 you can target future campaigns based on the geo-location of the subscriber.  For example, on the Send screen if you enable delivery filtering options, you will find the option to filter "By Geo-Location of Subscriber".

The example below would send the newsletter only to those subscribers who's IP address has been resolved to the state of Florida.

The geo-location filtering option is also available on other screens such as the Subscriber List Builder, Advanced Subscriber Search, Export Subscribers and Query Demographics options.

What type of Reports are Available?

The Geo-location data is available in a number of locations throughout the software.  To see the most recent location of a specific subscriber, you can edit the subscriber.

The subscriber Activity Report also shows the most recent location as well as the location for all recent clicks.  Other reports include Acquisition Detail, Click Detail, Recent Clicks, Subscriber Views/Clicks Summary Report, etc.

The system summary report shows a breakdown of your subscriber base by geo-location in a graphical format.


About Geo-Targeting and Geo-Location:

Geo Targeting is the process of targeting subscribers based on their location based on their IP address..  Their location is determined by resolving their computer's Internet Protocol (IP) address to the geographic location where they reside.  This is accomplished by looking up their IP address in a master list that resolves IP's to location.  This technology allows you to email specific subscribers based on their location.  For example, you could email all subscribers who are located in a specific Country, State/Province, or Metropolitan Area.  You can combine this targeting with other filtering options such as emailing only subscribers in a specific location, who read a specific newsletter, or clicked a specific link, etc.
Please note, the MetroCode targeting database only targets Major metropolitan areas in the US.  It does not include all cities but only major metropolitan areas.  The list of metro areas is found here.



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