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eNewsletter Pro Enterprise Version 11 for ASP.NET Upgrade (FROM 2.5) Instructions

You should perform this upgrade at a time when you are not delivering a newsletter.  If a newsletter is currently being delivered wait until the send has completed.  It is recommended you wait until 48 hours after any newsletter has been sent and then perform the upgrade.  Click here to see what's new in this update.   

Pre-Installation Notes

  • Verify that you are currently using Version 2.5.  If you are not using 2.5 please contact us.  The version is listed at the bottom of the administration console.
  • This upgrade require .net 4.0 be installed on the server.  Please verify .net 4 has been installed.  If it is not installed it should be installed through the Windows Update utility.
  • Make a backup copy of your database as this upgrade will modify the database.  

Pre-Installation Instructions

  1. Modify your existing eNewsletter Pro IIS Application Folder to use .net 4.0 instead of .net 2.0.  Click here for instructions on doing so.
  2. Make sure the web folder holding eNewsletterPro is an application starting point.  If eNewsletterPro is installed in its own web site, then you need not worry about this.  Otherwise, please follow these instructions to make the folder an application starting point.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the contents of eNewsletterProEnterprise11UpgradeFrom25.zip in a temporary location somewhere on the server where eNewsletter Pro is installed.  You will now see the following folders:

  2. Next, Execute the SQL script called enewsletterpro11UpgradeFrom25.sql on your existing eNewsletter Pro Enterprise database.  The script is found in the folder where you unzipped the files in step 1.  This script is executed in SQL query analyzer.  If unsure how to do this, please review steps 6-7 of the original install instructions.  Be absolutely certain that you select the proper database in the drop-down menu before executing the script. Be patient this script may take a while to run.
  3. Once the above script has executed, you will see a number of messages indicating various rows were affected.  For example...(89 row(s) affected)  Scan all messages and make sure no errors occurred.  If an error occurred, email us the error and discontinue the upgrade.  If an error occurred you may wish to restore the database backup until we can resolve the issue. 

    If the database has successfully been upgraded, proceed to the next section.

Install Updated Web Files and Upgrade existing Data

  1. Set the database connection in the web.config file located in the eNewsletterPro folder.  The variable is called DBConnectionString.

    <add name="DBConnectionString" connectionString="
    server=(LOCAL);UID=youruserid;PWD=yourpass;DATABASE=eNewsletterPro" />

    Server=The IP Address of the SQL server
    UID=The Username you assigned to the database.  The default username is
    PWD=The password you assigned to the database
    DATABASE=The name of the database.  The default is
  2. Copy the files and folders from the folder called "eNewsletterPro" to the web folder where eNewsletter Pro is installed.  Typically this is http://www.yourdomain.com/enewsletterpro/.  Replace any existing files if prompted.  Be sure to include all folders and subfolders such as Admin, Bin, Images, User etc.
  3. In order to use the charting tool, you must give the Users account WRITE permissions on the ChartImages folder.  Click here for directions on setting write permissions.
  4. Load the Upgrade.aspx file in your browser. It is located in the root folder and has open access.

    For example: http://www.yourdomain.com/enewsletterpro/upgrade.aspx

    Click the button to upgrade your existing database. This will encrypt the proper records.
  5. Now delete upgrade.aspx so it cannot be executed a second time. 
  6. Login to the admin console and user console to make sure the web interface is loading properly.

Install Updated Mail Delivery Engine and SMTP Express Update

Note: eNewsletter Pro version 11 no longer uses a Scheduled Task in order to send newsletters.  Rather, the software now runs as a service.  This will eliminate the need to reset the password each time the administrator password changes on the server.

  1. Begin by first un-installing the previous version of the mail engine.  To do this, find "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows control panel.  Find "eNewsletter Pro Enterprise Edition" and click the Remove button.

  2. From the /mailengine/ folder, double-click on eNewsletterPro11.MSI to run the installation program.  Be sure to choose the folder in which your current version of the eNewsletter Pro Mail Engine was installed. 

    The default path is C:\program files\enewsletterpro however you may have choose a different path or drive.

    This installer will now update the necessary files.
  3. You should now reboot the server.  The installation script may prompt for a reboot.  If it does not, please proceed to reboot the server before continuing to step 4.
  4. Once the server has rebooted, set the database connection so the mail engine can find the database.  Find the folder where you installed software ("c:\program files\eNewsletterPro\") and locate the file called db.txt.  Edit the file and specify the database connection. 

    Modify (LOCAL), youruserid,yourpass and the Database name if you did not call it "eNewsletterPro".  The fields to modify are shown below in Bold Italics.  The servernameorip can be set to either the name of the SQL server or the IP address.


    Note: If SQL is on the same machine, use (LOCAL) including the parentheses.  If SQL server is on another machine, use server=IPAddress where IPAddress is the IP Address of the SQL server.

  5. If you will not be sending individual messages through a separate SMTP server, then you must set the permissions on the pickup folder by following these directions.

Final Considerations

 Update any forms used on your web site.  You can either re-create the forms within the eNewsletter Pro user console under Newsletters--Create Form, or you can simply modify the form to post to subscribe.aspx instead of members.asp.

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