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September 28, 2012 -- Version 10 for ASP.NET 4.0
New Features
  • Added Geo-Location resolution and targeting to resolve the IP address of Subscribers and target based on location
    By default targeting by Country is included but State/Province targeting as well as US Metro area targeting are available by purchasing data from Maxmind
  • Created a Newsletter List moving scheduler to schedule list transfers by Newsletter List or Campaign on certain dates.
    You can also choose the transfer option based on campaign when sending a Newsletter
  • Added option to import subscribers directly from Mindbody. Option is enabled per User/Site Account
  • Added Option to import gmail contacts
  • Added Browser header and IP filtering options to prevent tracking stats from specific ip's and headers
    A global list can be defined in the admin console, and specific users can define their own list under preferences
  • Existing AOL format has been depreciated and replaced with a mobile format. Option must be turned on under Preferences by unchecking
    "Hide Mobile Newsletter Format throughout Application"
  • Added option to save both opt in and opt out forms
  • Once saved a form can be placed on a page using an IFRAME or Javascript
  • These saved forms can also be linked to directly and appear as an option to insert the link within the WYSIWYG editor
  • New date variable called ##Date2## in format MONTH day, year. January 1, 2015
  • Added dynamic variable for date in future ##Date+1## through ##Date+XX##
  • New newsletter subject variable without any encoding ##NewsletterSubject2##
  • Added semicolon and colon to the list of line separators on the add bulk email page.
  • Add the option of "Last Name, First Name, Email" to the Name Field Separator dropdown on the Add Bulk Subscribers page.
  • Added option to Specify default HTML when creating a Newsletter List that will apply to newly created newsletters
  • Option to specify default text and HTML applied to new Newsletter lists/Newsletters under preferences
  • Added Option to Send one-off email and import subscribers in step-by-step process
  • Added Option to specify separate facebook sharing link in order to use separate sharing URL
  • Added option to post newsletter to Facebook. Only Newsletters marked as Display To Public can be posted
  • Added option to make Custom Fields Newsletter List specific
  • Added Auto-Response for "Conversion Completed"
  • Above option can be limited to specific conversion types, for example Sale, Lead, Signup, etc.
  • Added option to have the auto-response change a demographic field
  • Added an auto response option that performs an http post to a designated URL
  • Added option to have blockout dates in auto-responder. Both day of week and specific MM/DD are supported
  • Auto response period can now be scheduled for hours 1-23 in the future, in addition to existing Immediately, and X Days in future options
  • Added conversions filter to list builder, send screen, query demographics
  • When editing a subscriber, the Newsletter Lists area now indicates if they are on any list specific opt-outs next to the list name
  • Subscriber Export has been broken out as a separate menu option from other data exports and now includes all filtering found on list builder tool
  • Tools/Export now includes a date filter when exporting Bounce Detail, Forwards, Opt Out List, Pending Subscribers
  • Added option to delete SMTP Express logs after X days
  • Added these setup configurations to control mail engine and bounce engine
  • Set maximum number of threads for mail engine
  • Set maximum number of threads for bounce engine
  • Set option to not run bounce engine if mail engine is running
  • Set option to temporarily disable bounce engine
  • Added separate email address for system errors such as disk full, license exceeded
  • In automated emails, Send time of 12:00 is now always displayed as ASAP
  • Added Option to create a login form from admin console for users to login from a web page
  • Updated CuteEditor to the latest version available
  • Incorporated newest version of RadEditor which includes a bunch of bug fixes
  • Added javascript alert when attempting to close WYSIWYG editor without saving changes
  • Added option to choose break element (br or P) in editor for main user and sub users
  • Also added admin setup option to determine what header is used to obtain the client IP
  • Added option in demographic form fields to make a value that cannot be selected. Surround value by {value}
  • Suspended Accounts option has been expanded to include
  • When an account is disabled the administrator can still login to the account after first logging into the admin console
  • Added option to disable links from working in existing emails (Disabled account message is displayed)
  • Added option to disable signups from working (Disabled account message is displayed)
  • SQL Script is now compatible with SQL 2012
  • Added option when creating content pages to automatically insert click tracking. Clicks are recorded under the Newsletter that sent them to the page
  • Bounce Detail is now stored with Hard/Soft flag based on whether the email never left the server (hard) or was returned to the bounce email account (soft)
  • On the Executive Report, Content Page Links and Review Page Links are now displayed in a friendly format with the ReviewName and PageName
  • Modified the “member has unsubscribed” automated messages to include the original subscription date
  • A warning is now issued if you change the subject or campaign name of a newsletter and it is already scheduled in the queue since the queue subject/campaign name is not updated by this task
  • Crossover Subscriber filter has been expanded to include specifying an AND/OR operator to determine whether they must exist on all or any of the lists
  • Added Crossover Subscriber Filter to Newsletter List Builder, Export Subscribers and Subscriber Search page
  • Added an overall And/Or operator for Subscriber List Builder tool when selecting more than one filtering option
  • SubscriberID is now displayed on the bounce detail screen
  • Within the option to export all bounces from the Admin panel a search option has been added to filter by Name, Email/Domain, or Bounce Reason
  • Added ability to filter remaining report drop-downs by date range to avoid long drop down lists that you have to scroll through
  • Added email notification options for Admin, Admin User, and User/Site account to be notified when Admin Users, User/Site or Sub Users are locked out due to failed login attempts
  • Overall admin account can be notified of Admin Users, User/Sites, and Sub Users
  • Admin Users can be notified of User/Sites, and Sub Users for accounts they manage
  • User/Site administrator can be notified of Sub Users
  • Admin Users who fail to authenticate due to forgotten password can now request a new password be emailed to them when attempting to login
  • Added option in Admin console to Reset the password and email it to Admin Users and User/Site Accounts on the View All Screen for individual accounts.
  • Added option in User console to reset the password of individual sub users from the View All screen
  • All passwords are now masked when editing/coping Admin Users, User/Sites, or Sub Users
  • When copying a site you can now also copy Content Pages and Review Pages
  • Enabled a safety net to disallow two sites from the same Admin panel to be open at same time to prevent accidental overwriting. This was possible using multiple browsers or multiple tabs.
  • Added these fields to the Newsletters/View Queue Screen in the User Console: Estimated Subscribers, Date Submitted, Campaign Name
  • Added these fields to the Newsletters/View Queue Screen in the Admin Console: Estimated Subscribers, Date Submitted, Campaign Name, User who submitted, Sending Server
  • When using the quick send feature to send a newsletter the email message sent now includes the estimated number of subscribers that will be emailed
  • Users can now edit the Send Date/Time of items in the Send Queue
  • Added option for overall site user to delete Bounce Detail records by: Newsletter List, History, Email/Domain, or Bounce Reason
  • Added ability to hide specific Send History records so they no longer appear in the report drop-down menus. Records can also be restored. Recommended use is for test campaigns.
  • Added Salutation filter to send filtering options
  • Increased speed at which mail engine compiles emails by avoiding calls to search/replace routines when no dynamic fields are present or no dynamic custom fields
  • Added option to automatically append google analytics tracking code to links on redirect. Feature can be turned off under preferences and set when sending a newsletter
  • Added option for Admin Account and overall Site User to get a daily email notification when campaigns exceed a threshold of bounces and/or Opt Outs (by percentage or raw numbers). Limited to campaigns sent in last 30 days
  • Added Option to Allow individual Sub Users to delete images
  • On Bounce Detail screen added link to the stats history for that subscribers
Bug Fixes
  • When copying a site, Domains to Block is now also copied
  • When selecting some drill down reports, after selecting the list, if you need to expand the timeframe from last 30 days,
    after doing that, it loses the original newsletter selection. This has been resolved
  • When copying a site the Salutation and name format were not copied properly
  • When clicking Send Newsletter from the Newsletters/View All screen if a user exceeded their subscriber limit a server error was being displayed. The correct error now displays
  • The routine that finds bad links in a newsletter no longer incorrectly identifies anchor links as bad links
  • When emailing content directly from the RadEditor symbols came through as ?. This has been fixed.
  • When copying Admin User, or Sub User a new password is generated rather than copying the existing password
  • When filtering by demographics and using <> with multiple values the AND operator is no used. For example, Age <>30 and Age<>31

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