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eNewsletter Pro software updates/releases:
September 15, 2006 -- Version 5 for ASP.NET

New Features
  • Software has been converted to VisualStudio.net 2005 with Master Pages and now requires .NET 2.0 framework
  • Incorporated latest version of CuteSoft editor (Version 5.3)
  • Redesigned user console to use drop-down menus instead of tab navigation
  • Added Auto Response feature where a newsletter can be sent X days after an activity. Activities include:  joining a list, clicking any link, clicking a specific link, viewing a newsletter or updating their profile.
  • Added bounce filtering when sending to ignore people who bounced, email only people who bounced, or email only those with no bounces
  • Added delivery format filtering when sending a newsletter so that only HTML or only TEXT subscribers can be emailed in a campaign
  • Added A/B List Splitting option to email odd versus even subscribers, or Top 50 Percent versus Bottom 50% subscribers
  • When creating additional users/sub users within an account they are now assigned to specific Newsletter Lists and are only notified when subscribers opt in/opt out/update subscriptions if they belong to a selected list
  • Added tool to alter delivery format of subscribers based on list, no views/clicks, bounces, etc.
  • Modified Subscriber Import tool to allow selecting whether or not to update name/password, and delivery format when importing subscribers
  • Added delivery option to relay all messages when sending to a complete list instead of writing them to SMTP Express or IIS SMTP
  • Added support for multi-select list boxes for demographic data. Use a triple comma instead of a double comma.
  • Modified subscriber import utility to allow concatenating up to 3 fields for the name field. For example, you can
    now concatenate Salutation, First Name, Lastname. Or First Name, Last Name. Or First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.
  • Ability to place people on a new list when querying demographics
  • Added a subscriber activity report showing new subscribers during selected period, who clicked, and highest lifetime clickers
  • Added option to view Stats activity log for a subscriber for all previous newsletters (Views, clicks, Links clicked)
  • Added Audit Log to Track history of all changes made by users/sub users
  • Added option to embed any dynamic variable/demographic fields in the subject line
  • Preferences option to add Wrap="hard" to Text Version of newsletter as well as define width
  • Option to search subscribers by SubscriberID, Newsletters and Newsletter lists by their ID's
  • Added Administrator tool to rebuild all indices in the SQL database
  • Added Option to insert these dynamic variables: ##NewsletterID##,##NewsletterListID##,##SiteID##, ##SubscriberPassword##
  • Added dynamic variable called ##EmailMessageCount## that inserts the total number of emails sent in the campaign
  • Added option to include Newsletter List Description on opt-in form
  • Added Option to view Bounces by Domain for specific send in addition to for all sends
  • Added option to define how many days in advance users can schedule newsletters.
  • Added Option to only allow users to send during certain hours, Same applies for sub users
  • Links in the executive report are now displayed as hyperlinks
  • Reports containing subscribers with an edit link now open the edit link in a popup window
  • Added option to delete Bounce Reasons in setup area
  • Added Setup option to notify users if other users have modified the same newsletter at the same time
  • Added a global search feature at the top of the user console for quick searching
  • Added Option to make demographic fields required on opt-in form/members page
  • Added preference to hide Newsletter List description on members page
  • Added administrator setup email notification option to be notified when disk space drops below 500 MB.  When this happens eNewsletter Pro stops compiling emails until sufficient disk space is freed up.
  • Option to Name newsletter as well as identify subject.
  • Added option that automatically sends an administrative email when an newsletter in the pending queue has been "approved".
  • Added Date Created/Modified timestamps to Newsletters, Newsletter Lists and Users
  • Added user specific setting to hide bounce email account when a user is sending a newsletter
  • List in admin area users who have recently performed an activity in the system
  • Added Results per page drop-down menus on all View screens in user console to allow changing record set paging size
  • Added Option for admin to edit fields in list format for all users.
  • Added the executive report to the overall administration console so administrator can view reports for any site
  • Custom newsletter fields can now be used in the demographic fields of subscribers in order to handle dynamic content.
  • Added WYSIWYG editor in preferences to fields that can be HTML
  • Added additional operators to query demographics/send based on demographics to include <,<=,>,>=
  • Added these two fields to Opt in form creation...UpdateDemographicsIfSubscriberExists, RedirectURL
  • Preferences option has been broken into multiple screen for easier editing
July 8, 2005 -- Version 4 for ASP.NET
New Features
  • Incorporated 3rd party WYSIWYG editor with many advanced features not available in previous editor
  • Option to specify default width/height of HTML editor
  • Ability to create / save custom text fields at the client level, for use as variables in messages.  Both the variable or text field data can be inserted through a drop-down menu on the new WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ability to preview the number of addresses being sent to the queue when submitting a newsletter for delivery.
  • Added total number of subscribers that will be emailed when sending the email to the administrator which notifies them a message was submitted to the queue.
  • Ability to change archived/draft status of a newsletter
  • Added check boxes for easy delete of old newsletters to delete many at one time
  • When editing a subscriber the edit command opens a new window in order to retain the filtered subscriber list
  • A new sending option allows you to ignore people on a specific list such as a suppression list.
  • Option to send a newsletter to those who did not view or did not click on any links in a previous newsletter.
  • Option to view those who did not click or view a newsletter
  • Automatically convert all incoming email addresses to lower case when importing or adding subscribers
  • Added option to define paging size which determines the number of records displayed per page throughout the user administration console
  • Option to delete bounces based on hard, soft, or combo (auto delete)
  • Added option that retains a list of bounce reasons for each bounce. The bounce reasons can be modified in the Admin Setup area. The bounce detail can be viewed under Subscribers-Bounce Detail. It can also be exported under Tools-Export
  • Also added an option to retain a copy of bounces on the server. You can retain none, all, or only those that the software did not recognize.
  • Added a "Bounces by domain" report to view how many bounces are occurring for each domain
  • Option to email any report to any email address after it is created
  • Added option for each site to define the message subject for all automated email messages including those sent when subscribing, unsubscribing, updating subscriptions, reports
  • When exporting data, actual demographic field names are now used instead of OptionalParameterX
  • Added site option for monthly report sent on the first day of each month summarizing the previous month
  • Added option for monthly report sent to the overall administrator summarizing users, subscriber count, and total newsletters that were emailed
  • The above report can also be viewed in the admin console
  • Altered the Query Demographic Data option to allow display of a count in addition to exporting/viewing the data.
  • Ability to create a generic salutation (besides email address) as a substitution in place of missing name.
  • Option to create opt-out form that opts out of single list
  • In automated email reports...added the Total new subscribers who are still pending.
  • If a newsletter is submitted to queue and admin is notified, then deleted from queue, admin is now notified it was deleted
  • Added option in admin setup area to define image that appears at the top of the administration screens and text that appears at the bottom.
  • Added option to specify values for the Opt Out Reason in order to limit people to specific choices when opting out
  • Archived newsletters can now be made available on a web site. The list of newsletters can be displayed on any web page using a simple Javascript SRC tag. The code is obtained under Newsletter Lists--Display Code
  • Added option to place monthly send limit on users
  • Ability to track conversions/acquisitions
  • When a newsletter is sent, the administrator email now contains information on who submitted the newsletter and identifies whether it is the site administrator or a sub user sending the newsletter
  • Added Option to block all registrations from specific domains or specific emails such as a competitor
  • Sub users can now get notifications on subscribe, update, un-subscribe, daily report, weekly report, or monthly report
  • Option for overall administrator to define custom headers
  • Option to automatically extract text from HTML version of newsletter.  This feature extracts the text but does not fix the formatting.
May 13, 2004 -- Version 3 for ASP.NET

New Features

Mail Engine/Delivery
  • Program is now multi-threaded and creates email messages much faster than previous version.
  • Monitors disk space and stops compiling messages if disk has less than 500MB of free space.  Program continues when free space exceeds 500MB.
  • Mail engine is now run as a service.  This eliminates the need for the scheduled tasks in the control panel and no longer relies on the administrator password for execution.
  • Added option to use IIS SMTP Server in addition to Quicksoft SMTP Express.
  • Option to use a different bounce address with each send
  • Option to set subject line when sending


  • Enhanced upload tool that allows images to be directly embedded in a newsletter when using the HTML editor. Images are called using the full URL.
  • Enhanced editor with the Ability to insert dynamic fields by selecting them from a drop-down menu
  • Option to Browse and find local newsletter to upload/import
  • Import page option fixes relative URLs when importing to prevent broken image links
  • Send newsletter for validation option which sends all formats to a single subscriber for validation purposes
  • Option to embed a link in the text version of your newsletter that leads to a page showing the HTML version.  The stats are fully tracked for this newsletter. The parameter is called ##HTMLNewsletterURL##
  • All tracking parameters have been changed to ## rather than <>. 
  • Attachments are now possible for all newsletter types


  • Records soft versus hard bounces at the subscriber level.
  • Option to force all pending subscribers to become subscribers prior to a selected date
  • Option to resend notice to all pending subscribers to subscribe
  • Remove Bulk option now supports removing people from a single list in addition to all lists.
  • Import now does not update all demographic fields, but only those being imported.

Opt Out List

  • Added Newsletter list specific opt-outs in addition to the global opt-out.  When using ##OptOutURLSingleList## a person is un-subscribed from that list only.  They are not un-subscribed from all lists.
  • Option to import an opt out list from any type of database
  • Opt Out list now retains these fields in the opt-out list to comply with spam laws:
         Date Subscribed
          IP Address
          Opt In Method
  • Allows user to enter a reason why they are unsubscribing

Opt-In/ Opt-Out Process

  • OptionalParameters can now be included in Opt-in/opt-out messages.
  • Subscriber Name can now be included in Opt-in messages
  • Confirmation link can now be placed in Opt-In message using ##OptInLink##
  • Option to bypass final confirmation email after opting in. This field can be set globally in the preferences or can be set in each form using:
    <input type=hidden name="SendSuccessfulOptInMessage" value="False">
  • Added option to hide delivery format on opt-in form
  • Added option to Update Subscriptions if subscriber already exists when a person attempts to subscribe.
  • Added list-specific out-outs.


  • Executive Report now includes number of subscribers in Text,HTML,AOL formats, Bounce Email address, total soft/hard bounces.
  • Option to report on list of subscribers who clicked a specific link.
  • Altered export option to avoid exporting optional fields if desired.
  • Added System summary report that is displayed when you log into the system.
  • Option to have daily and weekly subscriber summary emailed to site user.  Report includes total subscribers, new subscribers, new un-subscribes, and a count of subscribers on each list


  • Supports advanced searching %,*, wildcard,etc.
  • Option to specify from name/from email in preferences for defaults and administrative messages.
  • Application now supports creating sub users within a given user account with specific tasks assigned.  For example, a sub-user could be created with permissions to view reports.
  • Added Preference to decide if a close button should be present on members page.  This is used if you are launching the members page in a popup window
  • ##UpdateSettings## link now automatically logs in subscriber
  • Added Warning not to use your email on Setup screen for bounce address
  • Added warning on drop subscribers tool that all stats will be lost
  • On Import, software now indicates how many subscribers already existed and were therefore updated.
  • Newsletter selections are now check boxes instead of multi-selection list box
  • Added field in admin area to store physical address of customer in database.
Bug Fixes
  • Trim all search fields
  • Software no longer tracks style sheets as a click
  • Software will now track links with styles applied such as <a style="text-decoration: none" href="
  • Sessions are turned off in the tracking page t.aspx to avoid creating a cookies.  This is necessary to comply with cookie laws in European countries.
April 14, 2003 -- Version 2.50
New Features
  • Expanded optional demographic fields from 10 to 25
  • Added support for making each demographic field private or public.  Private fields are for internal use and cannot be edited by subscribers.
  • Added option to reset a particular demographic field to a specific value
  • Added chart displaying total views/clicks by day
  • Added support for dynamic FROM EMAIL and FROM NAME field. Value can come from any of the 25 demographic fields.
  • Added confirmation to drop subscribers tool
  • Added Option to email all who joined after a specific date.
  • Option to automatically filter subscribers against opt-out list when performing a bulk add
  • Increased session length in user console to 3 hours
  • Preference to hide "Keep me off all future mailings"
  • Preference to allow users to update their email address
  • Added note to users that they must save after exiting HTML editor
  • Enhanced password option. When creating a form you can allow the subscriber to enter a password, specify to use their IP address, or specify to use a random number.
  • Added option to define from name and from email for each newsletter list. This address and name are then used for auto-responses and default when proceeding to send a newsletter.
  • Total number of subscribers is now displayed when viewing a list of subscribers.
  • Added option to view the 'forwards to a friend' by newsletter. 
  • When importing addresses using the import tool or add bulk tool a list of bad addresses are now displayed.
  • Enhanced navigation when multiple pages of results are returned.  You can now enter the page number and jump directly to that page.
  • Added Option to reset bounce column for individual subscriber
  • Added option to modify password for individual subscriber
  • Added option to add email addresses to opt-out list when filtering bounces
  • Added option to export those who bounced 1, 5 or 10 or more times
  • Added option to embed <HistoryID> and <SubscriberID> in newsletter for those who need a unique tracking method
  • Added number of bounces to executive report
  • Added the total number of unique clicks to the Executive report as the number of people that have clicked one link in an email; rather than an aggregate total unique clicks for all links.
  • Altered Executive report to show unique rates with/without
    bounces included
  • Altered export tool to support .CSV file format
  • Tool to export subscribers returned for a demographic query
  • Add timestamp to record date/time when a subscriber updates their profile. (update either internally by admin via
    the user interface or via the web form)
  • Added an option to automatically delete all addresses after
    a specific number of bounces. These addresses are then logged in the opt-out list.
  • Added separate dynamic field for UNSUBSCRIBE only. This is
    <OptOutURL2> and shows only the form for opting out. It does not display the form to update subscriptions.
  • Created simple UNSUBSCRIBE form that asks only for email address
  • IP Address and Opt-In method are now stored each time a person subscribes. Opt-in methods include Admin: Add Bulk, Admin: Bulk Import, Admin: Add new, User Subscribed.
  • Shortened links a bit by changing SubscriberID to SI, UpdateSettings to US, Email to E, OptOut to OO, OptOut2 to OO2, etc.
  • Added option to send a newsletter to multiple lists
  • Added option to specify stylesheet for members.asp 
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed auto-response feature so it does not send draft messages
  • Fixed AOL link in help and web site
  • Fixed bug in admin console regarding pending sends with a
    future date.
  • Altered members2.asp so it only displays delivery formats that have been specified for each list.
  • Add Trailing Slash to URL if not present to prevent invalid URL

November 11, 2002 -- Version 2.10

New Features
  • Added Built-in HTML Editor
  • Option to specify page size for reports
  • Option to delete dead subscribers
  • Add report displaying subscribers BY DAY
  • Add report displaying unsubscribes BY DAY
  • Option to import newsletter from a web page
  • Option to automatically filter opt-outs when importing
  • Allow forward to a friend even if you are not subscribed
  • Option to reset the statistics to zero 
  • Option to display reports in excel
  • Option to display nothing instead of Name when name field is blank <SubscriberNameBlank>
  • Option to display who clicks on forward to a friend
  • Option to search pending subscribers
  • Option to email subset of subscribers based on clicks on links
  • IP Address is used as initial password to monitor
    malicious behavior
  • Option to export pending subscribers, forward to a friend list, and opt out list to excel
  • Made all email addresses in program a mailto link
  • Added copy function to copy/duplicate a newsletter
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug of paging when deleting more than exists for next page
  • Replace Chr(10) with vbCRLF.  Some mail systems reject messages that contain only a Line Feed.
  • When clicking View/All subscribers, don't display until
    a list has been selected.
  • Option to embed optional fields in links has been fixed
  • Added error trap for missing body tag/no <html> tag
  • Added trap for encoded < (%3c) and > (%3e)
  • Added better email verification when importing names

June 24, 2002 -- Version 2.01

New Features
  • Added extra security for cross-site scripting. All output is written using Server.HTMLEncode to avoid malicous scripting
  • Added option to transfer subscribers from one list to another.  For example, all subscribers on one list can now be assigned to another list.
  • Added option to remove all subscribers from a specific list.
  • Added Support for SubscriberEmail in Subject
  • Added option to email all subscribers on all lists for promotional purposes
  • On Bulk Import, added trap to make sure list is selected. 
  • Added text to make it clear that a list must be selected in order to import.
  • Made Headers in newsletter Un-identifiable (Changed from eNewsletterPro)
  • Add support for passing username/password to mail component
  • Add support for different Character Sets (default is US-ASCII)
  • Added Preview AOL Version to View Newsletters
  • Added totals to the site stats within the admin area
  • Added support for Date, DateTime, and Time in message body
  • Added Option to Send email notification when subscriber modifies their account
  • Moved hidden form fields in opt-in form to end of form to prevent HTML editors from modifying hidden fields.
  • Added support for bypassing opt-in confirmation
Bug Fixes
  • Updated bounces.asp to prevent timeout for deleting from large lists over 500,000 subscribers
  • Fixed bug in Bounce Tracking whereby messages were not delivered to bounce address
  • Fixed bug where Optional Parameters were not included when sending single message
  • Fixed bug with excel import when a field name contained a space
  • Fixed bug in spnewspro_CheckIfNewslettersInQueueAreReadyToBeSent which affected scheduling
  • Fixed a bug in send.asp regarding the forward to a friend feature. HTML docs that had a <body.... tag did not display the friends message.
May 08, 2002 -- Initial Release of Enterprise Version

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