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eNewsletter Pro software updates/releases:

October 10, 2007 -- Version 6 for ASP.NET

New Features
  • Added option to store Salutation, First Name and Last Name or to store all names in one field as per previous versions.
  • Added option to create and publish templates/newsletters from the overall administration console to specific users.
  • Option to define opt-in/opt-out messages by Newsletter List or continue using defaults specified under preferences.  This is useful if you offer different lists in different languages.
  • Added option to encrypt the URL when sending messages with click tracking embedded (Set by each site).
  • Added preference to open the editor full page when editing a newsletter in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added option for admin to search/find an email address across all sites
  • Added button on advanced editor to email yourself a copy of the newsletter while modifying it in the editor.
  • Added option to import subscribers as "pending subscribers" and email an invitation to join a list.
  • Added Option to import subscription date under Subscribers--Import
  • Added option to pull remote content into newsletter using %%BeginHttpGet%% %%EndHttpGet%%
  • Added option to copy Newsletter lists, newsletters, custom fields when copying site
  • When importing display list of those who were on opt-out list and filtered accordingly
  • Added Select All checkbox on all screens with checkbox delete option
  • Added image "align" option to simple editor
  • Added option to specify port of SMTP server
  • Added support for import Excel 2007 files (.XLSX extension)
  • Added Automatic password generation for sub users, allow sub users to modify login information and email information
  • Added option to not send opt-out confirmation email message
  • The confirm messages on the "Delete Site" function has been made more specific to include site name, url, username, datecreated
  • Added Checkbox to delete on bounce detail screen
  • Added checkbox to opt-out individuals on the bounce detail screen
  • Added Display of current license limits/restrictions at the top of the administration console
  • System now stores a list of all who were emailed with each send (HistoryID, SubscriberID, newsletterID)
  • Added send option to ignore all subscribers who received a recent newsletter (only works for newsletters emailed after upgrade).  This also allows you to restart a send that may have failed and ignore those who were already emailed
  • Added Option to set importance/priority when sending a newsletter (High, Low)
  • When updating profile and sending email notification to user, both old and new info is now included
  • Added indicator and link in "A New Newsletter Has Been Submitted to the Queue" message to indicate if it requires approval
  • Added Option for admin to define a custom message displayed to users on login such as system update message
  • Made it a preference to always enable impression and/or click tracking when adding a new newsletter
  • Added option to create a direct link to the DashBoard Report that does not require a login
  • Added option to create a direct link to the Executive Report that does not require a login
  • Added option to keep copy of all bounces that lost original subscriber identification headers
  • Added option to send a newsletter to subscribers with no views AND no clicks on a previous newsletter.
  • Added Wildcard searching on subscribers screen. Ex. %yahoo.com will return all email addresses ending in yahoo.com
  • Added option to copy sub user accounts/settings to create a new account
  • Option to set sub users to require/not require approval when sending to all subscribers
  • Added Ability to set default values for demographic fields for dropdown and multi-select boxes. Just surround defaults by square brackets []
  • Incorporated the most recent version of the CuteSoft Version 6 Editor
  • Option for Admin to move subscribers from the Opt-Out list to an active Newsletter list from the Opt-Out list page.
Usability Enhancements
  • Added link when adding a subscriber after displaying success message, the link takes you to screen to "Add another subscriber".
  • Set default on subscribers table, column DeliveryFormat to 'html'
  • Modified support form to clearly indicate who will receive it. Email is not sent to AdComplete.com
  • Added error trap on Add Bulk to require a list be selected
  • Added Error Trap so no FORM tag is entered in Preferences for Header/Footer
  • The “Most Effective Links” report now sorts in descending order by default
  • Created two additional indices on tbl_newspro_subscriberlists to enhance performance
  • Added option to make name field required on opt-in form
  • Added Ability to modify the contents of one demographic field based on the contents of another field under Tools--Alter Demographics
  • Added NOLOCK statement to all SQL select statements in code, views, procedures to enhance performance
Bug Fixes
  • Added cascade delete from Subscribers to AutoResponseFutureItem.  When a subscriber was deleted any pending items were not deleted which caused the mail engine to fail.
  • Fixed the select Query that checks queue for pending sends to account for very old dates where newsletter is still pending
  • Fixed UpdateStatistics_CountClick to insert one impression on click if no view present in system
  • Added error trap to mail engine to prevent failure when file attachments cannot be found
  • Download Soft Bounces to a unique folder to prevent counting as wrong type.
    This happens if SMTP Express is still placing failed messages in same folder.
  • Added error trap to prevent duplicate names for custom fields

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