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eNewsletter Pro software updates/releases:
January 23, 2009 -- Version 7 for ASP.NET
New Features
  • Added latest CuteSoft Editor Version 6.2
  • Created a list builder tool for building lists based on demographics, join date, update date, views/clicks, delivery format, bounces, salutation, list splitting, domain suppression, and list suppression.
  • Added option to save import mappings and recall them for re-use when importing subscribers or pending subscribers
  • Added option to define Domain Suppression lists that can be applied when sending
  • Added cross-site scripting (XSS) code to prevent malicious script injections
  • Added requirement for strong user passwords and ability to require users to change password
  • Users can be locked out after X failed login attempts where x is defined in the setup area
  • You can require users to reset their passwords every X days where x is defined in the setup area
  • Usernames, passwords and email addresses of Administrator and Users are now encrypted in the database
  • Admin can now control whether users can store their login in a cookie
  • When creating a user account the user can now be emailed their login information
  • Added option to copy a Newsletter List and also to copy subscribers to that list
  • Added these additional send options to filter by campaigns
    All Subscribers with no clicks for a previous CAMPAIGN
    All Subscribers with no views for a previous CAMPAIGN
    All Subscribers with no views and no clicks for a previous CAMPAIGN
    All Subscribers with 1 or more clicks for a previous CAMPAIGN
    All Subscribers with 1 or more views for a previous CAMPAIGN
  • Added additional variables for embedding in the newsletter:
    ##DateSubscribed## The date the user subscribed to the newsletter.
    ##DateUpdated## The date the user's account was last updated.
    ##IPAddress## The IP address from which the user subscribed.
    ##OptInMethod## The method used to opt-in to the newsletter.
  • Options to define and send through multiple SMTP servers, each account can be forced to a single server or allowed to choose a server when sending the newsletter
  • Demographic filtering now supports numeric comparisons
  • Added option to name campaigns when sending a newsletter, this is later used for reporting
  • Software now stores a list of criteria that were selected when sending a newsletter campaign
  • When sending a newsletter, you now have these options as standard filter options that can be combined with other filter options: Demographic Filter, Signup Date Filtering, Profile Update Date filtering
  • Added advanced search option to Subscribers screen that allows searching individual fields including demographics
  • Query Demographics tool has been expanded to include filtering by join date, subscription update date, Salutation, Email and Opt In Method
  • Opt out behavior has been changed to place people on the opt out list in the event that you have hidden the option called "Keep my email address off future mailing lists." They are placed on the individual opt out list for the list they received
  • Added an option to require users to agree to a Terms of Service Agreement on Import of subscribers and/or Sending newsletters
  • Newsletter Lists now store and display the date subscribers were last imported to that list. This includes imports through Add Bulk, Import, and Import Pending
  • List Suppression is now a standard option for all Send options
  • Added list and domain suppression option when importing subscribers. Suppression can be forced upon sub users
  • When deleting a subscriber you now have the option to not place them on the opt out list.
  • Added option when filtering bounces to suppress against specific newsletter lists
  • Added option when importing subscribers to specify a default value for demographic fields
  • Added option when importing pending subscribers to filter against the addresses that are already pending
  • Added option when importing subscribers to export a summary of the import results to excel
  • expanded auto-response feature to allow adding/removing people from specific lists at time of auto response
  • expanded auto response option for "Adding to a Newsletter list" to support triggering from Import, Bulk Add, and Adding a single subscriber
  • when deleting a newsletter list, you also have the option to drop all dead subscribers who no longer belong to any lists
  • Added option to throttle the speed at which eNewsletter Pro writes emails to the pickup folder. This will enhance the delivery speed of SMTP Express
  • Added approve link in Administration console for quickly approving items in the send queue
  • Administrative messages now sent to users and sub users now use the From Name/Email defined in the overall admin console to prevent email systems from blocking messages that come from and to the same email
  • Added option to customize the message displayed when a subscriber attempts to login or after updating their account
  • Added option to specify an alternative First/last name to use for subscribers when the fields are blank
  • Added Delivery Format Filtering option when sending to send only the text format newsletter to All subscribers irrespective of their delivery format
  • added an option to preview the newsletter from the admin console while viewing the list of items in the send queue
  • Option to search for a subscriber across all sites from the Admin console has been expanded to also search the opt out list
  • Extended the length of the subscriber Opt Out Reason to 250 characters from the existing 75
  • Email Invitation option has been expanded to support HTML message as well as multi-part mime message
  • Added option to hide AOL format throughout the application in each specific user account
  • Added option to create Admin User accounts to provide limited access to admin console
  • Added option to control sub user behavior of "Filtering against Opt out list" on import
  • Added option to control domain suppressions for sub users on import and send
  • Added option to enable/disable list suppression for sub users on import and send
  • Expanded bulk-import tool to allow import of First Name/Last Name
  • Added option to set sub user to inherit all Newsletter Lists whenever they are created by other sub users
  • Subscriber Activity report now shows what newsletters have been sent to a specific subscriber even if they did not open or click
  • Added option to proper case names on import, add bulk, and import pending
  • Added option to customize the Forgotten Password email message, subject and HTML message displayed when a subscriber request their password
  • Auditing has been expanded to include all admin tasks including those performed by overall admin and admin users
  • Added additional variable called ##UpdateSettings2## that acts just like ##UpdateSettings## but requires the user to login
  • Added option to require double entry of email address on signup form
  • Password is now masked on Add New/Edit Subscriber form in user console, and all pages in subscriber console
  • Added dynamic variable called ##TEXTNewsletterURL## for insert a link to the text version of the newsletter
  • Opt out list has been modified to retain the name of the subscriber
  • Added option to allow auto responses to repeat unlimited times
  • Updated list of bounce reasons with an additional 400 bounce reasons
Report Enhancements
  • Individual Subscriber stats are now also associated with each campaign in addition to the Newsletter
  • These reports allow reporting by campaign or newsletter: Executive, Subscriber View/Click Reports, ROI/Conversion Reports, and the Subscriber detail report
    By newsletter will combine all campaigns that sent that newsletter
  • Drop-down menus listing newsletters and date created, also now includes date last sent
  • Reports now allow sub users to report on All newsletters and All Campaigns
  • Conversion summary report now includes clicks, views and Click Conversion Rate (CCR)
  • Send history report can now be viewed as both raw numbers and percentages
  • Executive report now includes the Newsletter List, Link to the HTML and TEXT newsletter, Bounce Percentages, Delivery Rate, and Click Conversion Rate as well as the selection criteria that were used when sending the newsletter
  • Added a Campaign Views/Clicks By Date Report to spot trends
  • Added option to Conversion and Subscriber View/Click reports to filter by demographics, signup date, account update date
  • Added option to subscription reports to filter by demographics
  • Add a "Subscriber Views/Clicks Custom Summary Report" for summarizing Views/Clicks by: demographics, Newsletter List, Newsletter, Campaign Name, Opt In Method, Salutation, Email Domain, Delivery Format.  This allows custom reports such as Views/Clicks by Domain
Usability Enhancements
  • Speed of Tool to delete bounced addresses has been increased significantly when not logging to the opt out list
  • Significantly increased the speed of the bounce engine by using threading (Approximately Doubled the speed)
  • Greatly improved the speed of copying subscribers from one list to another
  • Added error trap when importing subscribers to make sure a list was selected
  • changed mail engine and bounce engine to use dll for license checks
  • Added alert when using Admin1/Admin1 for login since this is published as the default login on our web site
  • Significantly improved speed of drop subscribers tool by using sub query instead of cursor
  • demographic value fields are now set to unlimited size under Preferences/Demographics
  • Use updated Quicksoft DLL's that support partially trusted callers
  • Added option to modify the Help file URL as some 64-bit servers cannot load access files
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed install for 64-bit servers where Registry Settings were not created
  • Fixed bug where including optional parameters only in subject and not body does not work since query does not include them
  • Fixed error where two optional parameters named the same cannot be exported

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