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eNewsletter Pro software updates/releases:
March 16, 2010 -- Version 8 for ASP.NET
New Features
  • Added Telerik RadEditor as an editor option. This is now the default instead of CuteSoft Editor
  • Added support for templates within the editor and 30 default templates are included. More can be added to Public_Templates
  • Added option to record click detail including Date/Time, IP Address and Browser Header and report on this under new Click Detail Report
  • Clicks by date/detail are now shown on Subscriber Stats summary, new Click Detail Report, and Subscriber Activity report
  • Added option to include CAPTCHA verification on Opt-in form
  • Added Ability to send through multiple virtual IIS smtp servers on same box
  • Option to send through multiple servers has also been expanded to include Relay servers
  • Expanded Forward to a friend feature to support entering up to 10 email addresses
  • Added a Custom Subscriber Summary report that shows # of subscribers broken down by Demographics, Email Domain, Newsletter List
    Opt In Method, Salutation, Delivery Format, IP Address, and Hard/Soft Bounces
  • Added option to schedule campaigns as recurring campaigns
  • Added ability to schedule newsletters at 15 minute intervals from previous one hour intervals
  • Altered demographic field options to define certain fields as Date Fields so demographic filtering can be performed by date
  • Altered demographic field options to define fields as Integer or Real numbers so filtering can be performed numerically
  • Added feature to prioritize items in the send queue (multiple high-priority items can be compiled at the same time)
  • Specific users can also be set so their sends are high priority
  • Added a quick send feature on the newsletters screen for quickly scheduling multiple newsletters at one time
  • Added option to limit the number of subscribers that can be imported at one time by a User
  • Added setting to Subscriber Add New/Edit screen to allow setting the address so it is never deleted based on bounce thresholds being exceeded
  • Added option to export list of all subscribers that received a mailing or that bounced by a specific campaign
  • Added option to unsubscribe people from all lists by sending an email to a predefined email account  This feature also allows including List-Unsubscribe header used by Yahoo, hotmail, etc.
  • Added option to brand user console for each user by changing the image at top, footer text and footer link
  • Added report option for Unique views/clicks
  • Added Ability to track Opt-Outs to specific sends (HistoryID) and report on them on send history and executive report
  • Added Option to send to all subscribers that bounced, or that did not bounce during a previous campaign
  • Added option to delete subscribers on a list when using list builder tool to transfer them to new list
  • Added A description field to Auto-Responses for more easily naming responses that are in sequence
  • Auto response option for joining a list has been expanded to allow defining whether it triggers via the opt-in form
  • Auto response option for joining a list has been expanded to select the option to apply to subscribers that already exist but are not on the selected list
  • Added option to set auto-responses inactive
  • Admin subscriber search now also searches by SubscriberID if numeric value is entered
  • Added WYSIWYG editor when adding Custom Field
  • Added domain suppression option to the Import Pending Subscribers option
  • Resend Pending Subscriber Confirmation feature has been changed to allow selecting date range and filtering by demographics
  • Resend Pending Subscriber Confirmation feature has been changed to allow selecting to send the email invitation or opt in confirmation
  • View Pending Subscribers screen has two new links for resending confirmation or email invitation to individual subscriber
  • Items shown on Delivered Auto Responses Screen can now be exported to excel or emailed as a report
  • Altered Public/Private option for Newsletter Lists to also support Semi-public so it is only visible on the subscriber Update
    settings page for those that already belong to the list
  • Added option for admin to define strings to warn users if their links contain specific text or the newsletter content contains specific text
  • Altered Query Subscribers/Demographics tool to allow selecting multiple lists as well as limiting results to subscribers who belong to all of the selected lists (crossover subscribers)
  • Query Demographics tool has been expanded to include all filtering options found on the List Builder tool
  • XML import summary file has been updated to include addresses suppressed through domain suppression as well as duplicate addresses
  • The option to add a single subscriber now supports adding them as a pending subscriber and sending the email invitation or opt-in confirmation
  • Added an Add Bulk Pending subscribers option for adding a bulk list of subscribers and sending the opt-in confirmation or email invitation
  • On Send Screen Added ability to define a Reply To email address separate from existing From Email address field
  • When sending a newsletter the option to filter against previous mailings now supports multiple selections
  • Alter demographics tool now supports limiting changes to a specific list and also supports Null/Empty values
  • When using the option to re-subscribe a person on the opt-out list their original name is also restored
  • Demographics are now stored with addresses on the opt-out list so that can be viewed/recovered if needed
  • When deleting a subscriber you are now given the option to define the opt out reason.
  • When adding an individual subscriber if they exist on the opt out list you are alerted with a popup window before adding the subscriber
  • Executive report can now be exported to excel as well as all other reports
  • The new subscribers by date report now includes the Opt In method
  • When copying a user/site, you may now also copy Auto Responses, Suppression Lists, Subscribers, and the Global Opt Out List
  • Add Bulk option now includes an option to update the name of the subscriber if they already exist
  • Added opt-in method as a filter to the list builder tool
  • Enhanced demographic filter to support And/Or selection for multi-select boxes. Previously it defaulted to OR
  • When viewing pending items in the send queue of the admin console, the Site name is now a hyperlink to login to that user/site
  • Custom headers can now be limited by domain
  • Custom headers can now be limited User/Site account
  • Changed view subscribers screen to display Salutation/firstname/lastname as separate fields when that format is selected
  • Forward to a friend feature now checks the opt out list and does not forward to addresses that are on the opt out list
  • When someone changes their email address, the old email address gets automatically placed on the ‘global’ opt-out list for that site with reason “User Changed Email”.
  • When someone removes themselves from a list via un-checking the option on the update
    settings page, they are automatically placed on the opt out list for that
    particular newsletter list with reason “User Updated Settings”.
  • Modified Newsletter list Display Code option to support All Newsletter Lists, not just a specific list
  • Added Admin setting to automatically re-index the database after importing files over size X subscribers
  • Added Admin setting to re-index all tables daily, weekly or monthly
  • Updated Image Browser to display subfolders such as those created by the Telerik RadEditor
  • Admin tool to email all users has been updated to allow including Sub users
  • Added Option to hide password on Subscriber update settings page
  • Added Option to set a default message for the “Forward To A Friend” page
  • Added Option to set a default message on Opt Out Screens (Single list and all lists)
  • Added custom message for scenario where a person attempts to re-subscribe and they already exist and their subscriptions are updated
  • Added option to set list-specific header/footers
  • Added option for Admin to publish a domain suppression list to all users/sites
  • expanded the Views/Clicks filter on List Builder tool to allow selecting those who clicked a specific link
  • Added report filter to limit to subscribers that do/do not exist on specific lists.
  • Added recent auto-responses and pending auto-responses to Subscriber Activity Log
  • Screen to view sent and pending auto responses now includes date filtering
  • Filter bounces tool now includes option to only delete people if they belong to a specific list
  • Added support for Hurricane server in setup area along with instructions on our web site
Usability Enhancements
  •  Automatically redirect to AdComplete.com help files if there is an error on 64-bit servers or help files are missing
  • All SQL Server views are now refreshed automatically daily at midnight
  • Admin users now get email when pending items in queue have been approved just like overall admin
  • When a User/Site submits a support request via the Other/Support Form their SiteID, Name and User Name are now included
  • Added warning when checking the option under Newsletter List to use custom messages that you must update the settings in preferences
    to make use of these messages
  • Added simple editor to content blocks in admin console
  • View custom fields screen now supports displaying/previewing the content
  • When admin edits a pending item in the send queue they can now also edit the sending server if using multiple delivery servers
  • Incorporated latest versions of all QuickSoft DLLS
  • Added a legend to views/clicks chart, total views/clicks, and an option to email the chart
  • Report screens now have dropdown called Show Recent Newsletters/Campaigns in order to limit the number of newsletters/history records shown in the drop-down menus
  • Proper case routine has been updated to handle names with apostrophes like O'Malley
Bug Fixes
  • Software has been updated to prevent error when trying to subscribe a person to a NewsletterListID that no longer exists
  • Fixed issue with Audit Logs where Browser Header that was too long caused error
  • Fixed bug where domain suppression list with large number of domains caused error on View Subscribers/Advanced Search screen
  • Fixed bug in Forward To A Friend Stored proc where it did not record the friends email if they received another newsletter in the past
  • Fixed bug in join date filter regarding end dates where you had to go one day past to have that end date included
  • Fixed auto-response issue where clicking link was a partial match and not exact match
  • Fixed error trap on opt-in form regarding name validation where system asked for First/Last name when single name field was used
  • Fixed issue with double link in HTML opt in message
  • Fixed issue with simple editor where Editor.aspx file name was left in some links

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