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August 17, 2011 -- Version 9 for ASP.NET 4.0
New Features
  • Added A Direct Send option when defining multiple SMTP servers. This allows specifying a custom FQDN (HELO), IP Address, DNS Servers, timeout, etc.
    A backup server (SMTP Express) can also be specified in the event that delivery fails
  • Added a Mail Server Test option when defining multiple SMTP servers to test the delivery server.
  • Added Option to specify how individual messages go out for each site (Use settings default, or use specific SMTP Server)

    This feature does not apply to auto responses, they go through the default server
  • Added option to Log a copy of each subscriber record before it is modified to keep a historical record of each subscriber's data
  • When editing a subscriber you can view all changes made to a subscriber record if the above feature is enabled
  • Modified auto response option to support sending "Action Email Notifications"
  • Increased optional parameter sizes to 250 characters
  • Import mappings have been updated to including missing fields
  • Added option to save and recall send settings when sending a newsletter
  • Added Facebook,LinkedIN, Twitter, forward to a friend sharing buttons option to newsletters when using the advanced editor (both Cuteditor and RadEditor)
  • Added feature for Review Pages with up to 10 items for review. Users can be notified when reviews are submitted with comments or contact me requests
  • Added feature for specifying content pages that can be linked from newsletters
  • These content pages can also be shared across social networks
  • Added an option to be emailed an executive report at specific frequencies after a campaign is sent.  This option can also be set for sub users.
  • Option to specify a default text version of the newsletter by Newsletter List that is used when creating a new newsletter
  • <noswyn> has been added to avoid displaying certain content to a version of a newsletter that is shared in a social network.  Any content between <noswyn>...</noswyn> will not be shown in the shared content.
  • <NoWebVersion> has been added for avoiding display of certain content in the web version of a newsletter
  • Simple Editor has been eliminated and replaced with the Advanced Editor throughout the software (Cutesoft or Telerik)
  • Made significantly improvements to the HTML to text converter available on the Newsletters Add New screen
  • Added option at Admin Site Level to disable newsletter file attachments option
  • Added an auto save feature to save the newsletter content while working in the WYSIWYG editor, frequency set at user and sub user level
  • Added an option to select cross-over subscribers when sending newsletters, ie only subscribers that exist on each selected list
  • Added an option to specify a custom bounce email address and pop3 information for each User/Site Account
  • Hard Bounce filtering algorithm has been improved.  If the bounce reason is returned on the first line of the email and is not contained in the default list of bounce reasons it is automatically added to the database.
  • Custom fields have been modified to support specifying both a TEXT and HTML version
  • Custom Fields have been expanded to include specifying dynamic variations that are dependent on subscriber demographics
    For example, if Subscriber is Male, show this content, if Subscriber is Female, show other content.
  • Demographic filter throughout the software has been expanded to include the NOT LIKE operator for text fields
  • Opt In Method has been added as a filtering option when sending a newsletter
  • Added option to specify an operator when selecting multiple filtering options when sending a newsletter
  • Bounce detail export under Tools/Export now includes option to export subscriber demographics
  • Bounce detail export now also includes subscriberID
  • Added an option to add Grouping Text to each Newsletter List which makes the lists appear in groups on the Manage Subscriptions page, edit pages
    This also includes a Check All box for choosing all lists

  • ##MailingListName## is now supported as a dynamic variable in newsletters
  • Added option to limit file upload size limits for attachments, and editor items: documents, images, flash, media and templates
  • Added a Send Newsletter link on the Newsletters View All screen to quickly send a newsletter
  • Delete option for pending auto responses has been changed to multi-select checkboxes rather than a single delete link
  • When exporting all subscribers, the export now includes a comma separated list of all NewsletterListIDs that the subscriber belongs to
  • Added Sub User Permission to delete Send History records
  • Added Option to temporarily disable a Site account and display a custom message when a login is attempted
  • Added Option to set how many emails can be added on forward to friend page (1-10)
  • Added option to give Admin Users rights to get queue notifications, send start/complete notifications and disk full notifications
  • Added permission for sub users to remove members page link
  • Added option to disable name field being required on the Update Subscriptions Page
  • Added option to disable name field from being edited (display as read-only)
  • Added option to hide name field on update subscriptions page
  • Added option to add opt out link with custom text on the Update Subscriptions Page
  • Sub users can now modify additional email report options including Executive reports, and review responses
  • Added option for admin to export bounce detail for multiple selected sites during date period
  • Added option for admin users to change email notifications, email address and password
  • Added new opt out variable called ##OptOutURLMultipleLists## which displays checkbox list of all lists the subscriber belongs to
  • Added option to define list of Admin Opt Out reasons which displays on Subscriber Delete and Remove bulk screens
  • Added preferences to include drop down of Subscriber Opt Out reasons on Subscriber Delete and Remove bulk screens
  • Added option to customize the error messages that appear when attempting to opt in via a form (found under Preferences)
  • The system now tracks the date a person subscribes to each list and this can be used on the Join Date filter and reports such as New Subscribers By Date, Tools/Export Subscribers on a specific list, View Subscribers By Date, etc.
Report Enhancements
  • Created a new Trends report to view line graphs of Delivery, Bounce, Open, click, Opt out and Conversion trends by both raw numbers and percentages
  • Views/clicks chart has been updated to a more professional looking chart and added opt outs and conversions to the graph
  • Created a campaign activity pie charts report that displays delivery, view, click, opt out, and conversion statistics
  • System summary report has been updated to use bar graphs and added count of subscribers by list, count of opt outs by list
Security Enhancements
  • Added an option to add IP Address restrictions to the Admin (Overall and Admin Users) and User console
  • Added option to set session timeout in administration console
  • Added option for custom login settings for each user including password expiration period, lockout period, lockout message, session timeout, password reusage period
  • Added option to prevent X passwords from being re-used
  • Password policy has been increased to require at least one special character
  • When choosing the option to treat a password as temporary, then editing the user the settings will stick until the user has changed the password
  • Added an option to reset the passwords of all users, sub users and admin users and to force them to enter a new password on next login
  • Database connection string inside web.config can now be encrypted
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the RadEditor help link accessible from the RadEditor toolbar menu

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